Published 13 Dec 2017


EPG Health continues to innovate in the area of behavioural technology that supports multichannel engagement with healthcare professionals. 

In 2017, we entered into a partnership with IQVIA (previously QuintilesIMS), to connect EPG Health’s behavioural technology and communications with IQVIA multichannel marketing solutions. 

EPG Health is a behavioural technology and health communications business and publisher of, the independent website for healthcare professionals. IQVIA provides personalised experiences for healthcare professionals (HCPs) through face-to-face and remote visits as well as digital channels. There is growing evidence that trusted representatives can help connect HCPs to digital channels and resources.    

By combining expertise, ideas and development plans, IQVIA and EPG Health can create broader solutions embracing channels, relevant content and insight, helping life sciences companies evolve their engagement with HCPs.

Improved engagement experiences will enable life sciences companies to build trust with HCPs and help them better treat and manage patients.


For further information please direct your enquiries to

Chris Cooper Founder and CEO of EPG Health.

Chris Cooper
Founder and CEO

Our founder and CEO is a digital evangelist with 30 years’ experience in publishing, digital and the internet, he takes pride in creating and fostering opportunity for those around him. His passions include his family, motorsport and travel. When he has a spare hour or two, he’s prone to dancing around his kitchen to anything from R&B and Hip Hop to Rock, Pop, and everything in between.