Published 23 Jan 2017

The 31st of January 2017 will see EPG Health Media and its in-house medcomms agency DMC [Digital Medical Communications Ltd.] exhibit at the Digital Pharma Advances conference in Mayfair, London.

Chris Cooper, Chief Executive of EPG Health Media will be speaking at Digital Pharma Advances about building targeted and sustained engagement with healthcare professionals including:

- Strategy - developing a program to meet clinical and business objectives
- Live elements – recruiting the faculty and developing symposium content 
- Digital elements – repurposing and re-accrediting symposium output for sustained digital engagement
- Key insights – research findings, metrics, feedback and investment levels to support the approach

Attending Digital Pharma Advances:

Chris Cooper
Chief Executive - EPG Health Media

Chris is the founder and Chief Executive of EPG Health Media, a digital communications business and publisher of, the website for healthcare professionals. For 15 years, Chris has led EPG Health Media in its focus on digital innovation to support better health engagement, empowering doctors and providing the life science industry with targeted solutions that reach, engage and measure.

Tiberio Catania
Group Commerical Director - EPG Health Media

Tib joined EPG Health Media in 2013. As the Group Commercial Director he oversees development of all new and existing business, ventures and collaborations. With industry experience spanning 20 years, Tib has worked with most of the leading pharma companies.

Michelle Kelly
Marketing Director - EPG Health Media

Michelle joined EPG Health Media in 2006 and oversees the marketing for industry and HCP audiences as well as the regular and indepth market research conducted with both groups.

Frances O'Connor
Business Unit Head - DMC [Digital Medical Communications Ltd.]

Frances is heading the in-house medcomms agency, DMC. Having a wealth of industry experience and unrelenting curiosity, Frances is perfectly placed to get the best from DMC.

If you're attending the Digital Pharma Advances conference please say hello to the team, they'll be more than happy to tell about the range of expert services that EPG Health Media and DMC provides.

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