Published 12 Jan 2017

The Acute and Advanced Heart Failure Knowledge Centre is now available on epgonline.org, providing healthcare professionals with convenient access to disease awareness information, patient quality of life data and information on prognosis and available treatment options.

The resource comes at a time in which heart failure rates in the overall population are growing by almost 2% annually, largely due to an ageing population and to improved survival after insults such as acute myocardial infarction (Mosterd & Hoes, 2007). Though the last decades have seen improvement in the treatment of heart failure, leading to increased survival and decreased hospitalisation rates; prognosis is still fairly poor. In Western countries heart failure is the number one cause of hospitalisations in people over the age of 65 years. It is estimated that heart failure accounts for about 6.5 million days in hospital per year in the USA (Maggioni et al., 2013).

Dr Toby Galbraith, Director of Content Strategy at epgonline.org, said: “The number of patients diagnosed with acute or advanced heart failure year-on-year is likely to increase. We hope this educational resource will be of great use to cardiologists, and healthcare professionals working in internal medicine and emergency medicine more broadly, providing access to a swathe of useful data and educational content.”

Healthcare professionals can register free of charge on epgonline.org to access this new resource: http://bit.ly/2hVhuuy

The Acute and Advanced Heart Failure Knowledge Centre was developed by EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd for epgonline.org, in collaboration with Orion Pharma, with some content provided by Orion Pharma.

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Mosterd A, Hoes AW. Clinical epidemiology of heart failure. Heart. 2007;93:1137–46.