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Multichannel Marketing in Healthcare:
Industry Perspectives

This free report is intended to support understanding of how digital and multichannel marketing is evolving within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry - including trends, advances and obstacles. The research was conducted in April 2013 by EPG Health Media, publisher of, the website for healthcare professionals. 

The study investigates industry perspectives (including pharma, agency and publisher) on key topics of current concern, including:

  • What are the biggest influences and obstacles in healthcare marketing today?
  • How is multichannel marketing being structured and resourced?
  • What channels are proving the most or least successful for pharma?
  • How fast is multichannel marketing within healthcare evolving?

This study is important to anyone working in healthcare marketing and communications, because it will:

  • Provide a snapshot of current and future opportunities for multichannel marketing within pharma
  • Highlight current limitations and challenges faced by industry peers 
  • Contribute to dialogue regarding best practices in the implementation of multichannel marketing
  • Support decisions concerning the strategy, planning, funding and delivery of multichannel marketing within the wider pharmaceutical industry

Multichannel Marketing in Healthcare: 
Industry Perspectives

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